MONDO Announces Mike Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo Gallery Show Opening On April 25, 2014


MONDO announces “Mike Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo” a comics-themed show featuring artist Mike Mitchell’s iconic portraits of Marvel’s huge stable of heroes and villains, running from April 25th through May 17th.


The characters of The Avengers, X-Men and Spider-man will be represented along with many others from Marvel’s incredible library.


The opening night event will be Friday, April 25th from 7 – 10pm at the MONDO Gallery, located at 4115 Guadalupe St. in Austin, TX. Artist Mike Mitchell will be in attendance.


“My love for Marvel Comics was an integral part of growing up. Not just the comics, but the action figures, video games and cartoons. My intention with this show was to take those characters out of their action-oriented world and give them a moment of silence to catch their breath. There’s a humanizing quality to that which I find extremely interesting. This has easily been the most ambitious project I’ve ever taken on, and it’s due in part to my love for their universe; which is fictional by definition, but real in my mind and in the minds of others,” said Mitchell.

Mondo Gallery Modok

The Marvel villain MODOK has also taken over MONDO Gallery, with a super-sized cutout adorning the exterior of the building.







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Check out more art from the show HERE.

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