The Amazing Art of Doug Bloodworth

Last Saturday night my sister and her family went to the Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney and had the pleasure to meet and talk with Doug Bloodworth and his wife Karen.

Doug is a local Central Florida Photorealism artist who combines oil paints with nostalgic subject matter like comic book covers, junk food, soda, vintage toys, and games to create works of art that look so real they could be photographs.

He considers his art to bounce back and forth between American Western and Pop Art.  At the gallery we were able to see his latest work in progress which combines elements including a faded pair of Levi’s, the Cars album cover, and a pair of sunglasses.

Doug said that he will continue to paint a series of vintage album covers, and we are looking forward to seeing his future work. Not only is his art absolutely amazing, but it was so fun for my family to talk with both him and his wife to learn more about his style and inspirations.

You can view more of Doug’s art HERE:

530767_431072743633093_912931432_n 1148853_631237000283332_1557990942_n 1544613_646984395375259_8325248179713611508_n 1549495_635015269905505_1735436378_n 1897964_646984492041916_3947770237130030877_n 1920020_635562266517472_1833502994_n 10154893_639143699492662_813517496612845213_n 10270449_646984322041933_8066363035627708395_n

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One thought on “The Amazing Art of Doug Bloodworth

  1. Saw his work recently at a gallery near me. Wondered how he could ask for such high prices for a photograph. NOW I know. Amazing.

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