Pin-Up Superheroines Take Over DC Comic Covers This June

Artist Ant Luscia’s popular pin-up inspired “DC Bombshells” are being featured with their own run of comic book covers. The women of DC will be featured as variant covers for a number of DC’s most popular titles this June.

Here is a full list of the variant covers:

-Action Comics #32
-Detective Comics #32
-Green Lantern #32
-Batgirl #32
-Batman #32
– Green Lantern Corps #32
-Justice League United #2
-Superman/Wonder Woman #9
-Batman and Ra’s al Ghul #32
-Batman/Superman #12:
-Batwoman #32
-Harley Quinn #7
-Justice League #32
-Red Hood and the Outlaws #32
-Wonder Woman #32
-Aquaman #32
-Catwoman #32
-Justice League Dark #32
-Superman #32
-The Flash #32

1396970335227 cw_32_bombshell_variant_lr1 DCBombshellsBlackCanary DCBombshellsSupergirl enhanced-buzz-wide-7989-1399485281-43 enhanced-buzz-wide-8500-1399485292-27 enhanced-buzz-wide-8523-1399485273-19 enhanced-buzz-wide-12910-1399485283-18 enhanced-buzz-wide-16850-1399485274-9 enhanced-buzz-wide-24546-1399485291-35 enhanced-buzz-wide-31216-1399485284-20 tumblr_n3pzxeWKLl1qkelpso1_1280 tumblr_n3pzxeWKLl1qkelpso2_1280 tumblr_n3pzxeWKLl1qkelpso3_1280 tumblr_n3pzxeWKLl1qkelpso4_1280 tumblr_n3pzxeWKLl1qkelpso5_1280

enhanced-buzz-wide-3910-1399577207-18 enhanced-buzz-wide-8187-1399577499-27

1-flash32cvrv01r02jpg-9584b5_960w 2-batman32cvrv01r02jpg-9584b8_960w 3-batmanras32cvrv01r01jpg-dcf8d4_960w 4-jl32cvrv01r01jpg-9584c7_960w 5-sgbgcoverv01r01jpg-9584d4_960w

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