DC Collectibles Unveils New Batman: The Animated Series & The New Adventures of Batman Action Figure Line


A new collector’s line of 6-inch action figures based on writer Paul Dini and animator Bruce Timm’s Batman: The Animated Series and The New Adventures of Batman shows from the 1990s are being released from DC Collectibles in November, just in time for the holiday season.

The toys (priced at $24.95 each), which include a first wave of Catwoman from the earlier Batman series (1992-95) and Batman, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze from New Adventures (1997-99). The Joker, Robin and Poison Ivy will be released in December.

The line of figures will take designs from the original artwork models. Timm’s animation style was used in small-scale toys in the ’90s when the series aired on Fox and more recent superhero lines, too — it’s an amalgamation of classic Disney cartoons like Sleeping Beauty, the comic-book influence of artists Jack Kirby, Wally Wood, Harvey Kurtzman and Dan DeCarlo, some stylistic tricks Timm picked up working on on Mighty Mouse cartoons, and Alex Toth’s Hanna-Barbera designs for Birdman and Space Ghost.

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