The Ten Most Iconic Video Game Props of All Time


There are casual gamers. There are hardcore gamers. And then there are those who are so involved with their love of the game that they chase the collectibles. They are the ones who want the replicas. They want to not only display their amazing game collection but wow others with the props that made the game iconic.

There are many memorable items throughout gaming history. These are the ones that make the top 10 list (that you can actually buy):

1. The Legend of Zelda’s Ocarina

Who could forget the first time you got to play the ocarina in OOT? It allowed you to summon storms, call Epona, and help you travel through time. But ask yourself … did you even know about an ocarina before the game? That’s the beauty of the game. It brought this old world instrument to modern times.

Those fans wanting to collect this very cool instrument, and pay homage to their love for OOT, should take a look at the Alto C ocarina since it’s the closest you can get to the game.

2. Half Life’s Crowbar

Half Life changed the shooter and not just because of the game but because all of the great games we’ve gained from the source engine. Half Life 2 (and the episodes) cemented Valve’s title in gaming history. By the time Half Life 3 rolls around (if it ever does), the Internet will go into full melt down.

The crowbar is what we’re looking at here. A simple, elegant weapon that made the game feel raw. The nice thing about this weapon is that with a trip to the hardware store you can make one for yourself!

3. Portal’s Portal Gun

The puzzling action, mind-bending mechanics, and incredible humor of the Portal series holds a special place in all of our hearts. Another amazing game by Valve to say the least. At the center of it all, the portal gun, we got to experience puzzle solving in a brand new way. The first of the series will forever be part of our culture (the cake is a lie!) and who could forget the song at the credits?

4. Final Fantasy 7’s Buster Sword

That first time entering the World of FF7 was one like no other. Long time fans of the Final Fantasy series had already experienced many amazing stories but that push to 3D really changed the RPG game. Cloud and his buster sword became an instant icon. It’s absurdly large but you’ll never forget it.

You can find these as foam, made from real metal, modded, showing up at gaming conventions, and even being made by a master sword smith (check out this neat video).

5. Mario’s Coin Block

It’s a simple reddish/orange/black block with a question mark but it’s something that has become almost as iconic as the main man Mario himself. Sure the goomba, coins, and the Tanuki suit may be all part of our collective gaming memories but having one of these replicas in your house will automatically have your friends doing an uppercut and making the *ding* coin noise. That’s pretty iconic if you ask me. Want one? Try making one (with sound, too).

6.  Halo’s Covenant Energy Sword

Halo was a breath of fresh air for first person shooters. The story was cool but what really made the game so iconic is that it really brought people together for some awesome local (and online) death match, capture the flag, and more. When Halo 2 came out everyone seemed to have been throwing Halo parties and sure enough if you attended on you were bound to hear a few slurs because someone was cheesing with the sword. This sword, compared to so many others throughout gaming history, just looked cool as hell and lead to some pretty neat tricks such as sword cancel that let people explore the deepest parts of the maps.

7. Metal Gear’s Cardboard Box

As a youngin’ you probably played in a box thinking it was a fort. When you hopped into the world of Metal Gear Solid suddenly it became your ultimate disguise. The box brought all kinds of hilarity to the game and has made its way into many other video games as a homage. Want one? Just find a box, throw it over yourself, and laugh because you’re now undetected by people passing you by.

8. Pokemon’s Pokeball

It started with Blue/Red (and Green if you want to get into it) and now it’s pushed into 3D. The Pokemon universe is getting massive to the point its hard just keeping up with it all but one thing’s for certain is how you’ll never forget what a Pokeball looks like. People have knitted them, created intricate replicas, bought them from Burger King, and a whole lot more. Why? Because they’re awesome.

9. Portal’s Companion Cube

Again Portal is making its way onto the list because there’s so much awesomeness from the game. I couldn’t leave out the weighted companion cube because it was there for you when times were tough. It talked with you. It made you feel emotional when you had to destroy it. Which is why you want one of these so bad. On that note … have you heard some of the strange theories behind the companion cube?

10. Angry Bird’s That Red One

Okay, I know this is going to irk a few of you because there is a lot of hate for Angry Birds (yada yada copying an old flash game, etc) but you can’t deny the fact that this game made that red bird absolutely party of our culture. You can’t go anywhere without seeing plushies, tooth brushes, bed sheets, and all manner of items with the red guy. That’s pretty iconic if you ask me.

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