15 Awesome Movie Statues From Around The World

Are movie statues becoming all the rage? With this week’s unveiling of a Napoleon Dynamite statue on the Fox lot in Los Angeles, and the much buzzed-about Robocop fixture still to come in Detroit, movie figures might just be the new military generals. Napoleon (Dynamite) and Robocop aren’t the first screen icons to be immortalized in stone, bronze, or the like. Here’s a look at other cinematic statuettes around the globe, some expected, and some not so much. Check them out HERE.


Superman (Metropolis, IL)

As it shares the name with the home city of reporter Clark Kent’s alter-ego, the southern Illinois municipality (population: 15,161) has laid claim to Man of Steel. This colorful statue stands guard outside The Super Museum (of course), which boasts the world’s largest collection of Supes-related memorabilia.

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