Warner Bros. Reveals Official 2014 San Diego Comic Con Tote Bags

Warner Bros. Entertainment has unveiled the official tote bags for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Featuring the likes of “Arrow,” “Constantine,” “The Flash,” “The Following,” “Gotham,” “iZOMBIE,” “The Originals,” “Supernatural,” “Teen Titans Go!” and “The Vampire Diaries,” you can check them out in the gallery viewer below.

The bags are back! Comic-Con 2014 attendees hoping for a colorful and commemorative keepsake bag to hold their best swag are once again in luck. For the fifth year running, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Comic-Con have teamed up to produce and distribute the official bag of Comic-Con, which will be distributed to fans when checking it at the Con.

– More than 130,000 of the bags have been produced and will be provided to Comic-Con attendees throughout the convention.

– The all-new 2014 edition again features backpack styling and features 13 different designs.

– Designed by Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing, each bag features double-sided artwork, with the all-new Comic-Con 2014 official design on one side and the other side highlighting titles from the Studio’s TV series and the 75th anniversary of Batman.

– Current Warner Bros. Television and Warner Bros. Animation series featured on the SDCC bags are Arrow, Constantine, The Flash, The Following, Gotham, iZOMBIE, Mike Tyson Mysteries, The Originals, Supernatural, Teen Titans Go! and The Vampire Diaries.

– Two of the bags will feature DC Comics’ legendary caped crusader: one design will celebrate the 75th anniversary celebration of Batman, and another will highlight the classic and iconic Batman TV series from 1966.

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