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The world of comic books travels far and wide. With millions of fans worldwide, it is no surprise that the big-budget Hollywood recreations of these comic book characters have the potential to create wide spread controversy amongst the die-hard fans if the movie portrayals don’t accurately match their comic origins. As such, Gala Casino, who have a number of Marvel games on their site, have taken a closer look. Their Marvel Movie vs Comic comparison list focuses on some of the most famous Marvel comic book characters, comparing original comic characters with their movie interpretations. Like Gala we have produced our own movie vs comic list:

Iron Man


Iron man is Tony Stark’s alter ego. His main enemies are The Mandarin, Obadiah Stane and Whiplash. As a billionaire and a genius inventor, Tony Stark created the powerful Iron Man suit to fight evil.

– In the original comics, ‘Jarvis’ is the Stark family’s butler, whilst in the movies J.A.R.V.I.S is the name given to Tony’s on-board computer who runs the suit and Stark’s lab.

– The romance between Tony and Pepper in the movie develops during the first and second Iron Man films whilst in the comic books, Pepper admired Tony from afar and married Happy Hogan, who was Stark’s chauffeur and assistant.

Captain America


Steve Rogers is a man who, before becoming Captain America, suffered from an inferior physical condition which prevented him from joining the army. However, after taking a special serum he is transformed into a more powerful superhuman and names himself Captain America.

– In the movies, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers were lifelong friends and when Barnes is in danger, Rogers makes it his mission to rescue him. In the comic books the two are not lifelong friends and only met after Captain America joins the army.

– In the movie, Nick Furry is the director of SHIELD and is responsible for reviving Rogers. In the comics, Nick Fury was the Howling Commandos sergeant during the World War II.



James Howlett Logan is a mutant of sorts who has retractable adamantium claws. His main enemies are Magneto, Sabretooth and Silver Samurai. Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine in the modern movies.

– In the original comic books of Wolverine, he was a ‘loner’ and preferred to go it solo, whereas in the movies, Wolverine is everything but a loner. He is in the centre of all the action.

– In the movies, Logan could heal from wounds quite quickly, but in the comics, Wolverine needs hours of intense concentration to fully recover from injuries.

There are many important similarities between original comic book heroes and their movie perceptions, although characters have often been changed and sculpted in modern movies in order to fit in with the film and appeal to the masses. The movie which stayed the most true to its comic book roots is Captain America, where there were minimal changes made to the character in the transformation from comic book to the Hollywood screens.

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