Luke Butland Slasher Prints Now Available

Luke Butland has created a series of gory prints inspired by famous film slashers. Each giclee print is an edition of 20 and measures 8 x 10. The prints cost £15 each excluding shipping and can be ordered HERE. Michael Myers is available solely from HCG.

Here is what Luke had to say about the project:

“Continuing on my weapon of choice series I wanted to celebrate that famous group of people that generally like to terrify us and cause a little bit of bloodshed along the way, so I give you ‘Slashers’. Consisting of the cream of the crop when it comes to guys that know how to slice dice and chop their way through countless screaming teens.”

Jason_Final_FLAT_LR Krueger_Final_FLAT_LR LeatherFace_Final_FLAT_LR MM_FINAL_LR WannaPlay_FLAT_LR

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