Sequel Gallery Show To Open At iam8bit On November 13, 2014


Before “tentpole” and “franchise” became two of Hollywood’s favorite words, sequels were far less common than they are now. But let’s say they were—what would that look like? Billing itself as “part tribute and part cultural commentary,” Sequel is an upcoming art show featuring the work of a number of artists imagining movie sequels that never were.

Hosted by Los Angeles based art gallery and production studio iam8bit, the ultimate purpose of the show—besides being an excuse to show off some really cool art—is to question Hollywood’s obsession with sequels, and ask a question: Should we or shouldn’t we?

The event is open to the public, and you can RSVP here.

The artists featured include:

Alex Griendling, Andras Baranyai, Andrew Bannecker, Andy Fairhurst, Arno Kiss, Arthur D’Araujo, Ashley Wood, Austin James, Boneface, Chris B. Murray, Corinne Reid, Cory Schmitz, Dimitri Simakis, Doaly, Drew Wise, Emory Allen, Evanimal, Fab Ciraolo, Goncalo Viana, Inus Pretorius, James Gilleard, Japaneze Baby, Jim Rugg, Kaz Oomori, Marc Scheff, Marco D’Alfonso, Mark Borgions, Matt Haley, Marko Manev, Mitch Ansara, Muxxi, Nikkolas Smith, Nimit Malavia, Odessa Sawyer, Orlando Arocena, Pavel Fuksa, Rafael Gil, Rich Davies, Rich Pellegrino, Rich Rayburn, Robert Sammelin, Ruben Ireland, Sam Spina, Steve Courtney, Tom Miatke and more!

Reprinted from EW


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Inus_Pretorius-The_Fountain_Wake Malleus-Giulietta_Degli_Spiriti-Atto_Secondo Odessa_Sawyer-Pans_Labyrinth_Fall_of_the_Underworld

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