Why Superhero Video Games Are Always Fun


Superhero films have taken over Hollywood in the past 15 years. But along with the movies, classic comic characters have also inspired countless modern video games. And while only a handful stand out as truly great achievements, there’s always something great about playable hero experiences. Here are a few reasons in particular that superhero video games are so much fun

Character Abilities

Ordinary action games may be fun, but on some level they’re always the same. In superhero games, however, you can enjoy specific hero skills! Play as Iron Man and you get immense strength and armor; play as Batman and you’ll go through stealth challenges; or play as Spider-Man or Superman and you’ll swing (or fly) through the air. The individual games aren’t always the best, but the action is unique, and that counts for something. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game is a great example of this. It received mediocre critical commentary, but scroll through fan reviews at Metacritic and you’ll notice a lot of them give credit to the game’s web swinging. Some even gave the game a positive review just because of this single action feature unique to Spider-Man.

Character Interest

Simply put, we want to interact with superheroes in any way we can. And this can make even otherwise ordinary games a lot more interesting. The online casino market offers some clear indications of this concept in practice. Ordinary sounding casino games such as “Hot Shots Blazing 7’s” and “Quick Hit Platinum” are placed alongside a few games, such as “Superman: Last Son Of Krypton,” that use character names and artwork to attract players. Which of these games would you rather try if you were dabbling in an online casino? That’s what we thought!

They Can Improve On Movies

Not every superhero film is good, and sometimes the games that coincide with them are actually more entertaining than the movies. In these instances, games can help to keep our heroes from growing disappointing. The best example is X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Rotten Tomatoes reveals almost-universally horrible reviews for the 2009 film of this name. However, the game earned four stars at IGN and was seen by many as one of the most engaging and enjoyable superhero games in recent years. Of course it would be better if all the movies were great, but the ability of the games to save face for the films is valuable.


Video games have more character flexibility than films, and for that reason they often bring us some incredibly fun character combinations we might otherwise never see. Just look at the range of villains in the Arkham franchise, or the different heroes that can fight in games like Marvel vs. Capcom Origins.  Even if a single game is so-so, options like fighting pitting Iron Man and Spider-Man against one another, or dealing with the Joker in one scene and the Riddler in the next, make for incredibly fun experiences.

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