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Couples Therapist



The headquarters of advertising agency Clark&Kent is located in a New York City phone booth. To help people remember, they have created business cards that pop-out to look like a tiny phone booth.

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18 thoughts on “Clever Business Cards

  1. Steve Wozniak achieved a long-term goal and got a phone number consisting of the same digit for all seven numbers. I don’t know if he still has it, but showing his area code (408), pretty much gives away his number.

  2. Don’t you think that anybody who knew that bit of trivia about Steve Wozniak would also know enough to figure out he lived in the Bay Area, and probably around the South Bay? So really, posting your comment is what gives away his phone number . . .

  3. My favs are the divorce lawyer, personal trainer and the lush.

    So kewl. Handing out one of those cards will definitely get your business remembered.

  4. Thanks for the business cards. They were great. I loved the bobby pins/hairdresser’s.

    real estate card idea for coloradoecobroker:

    Vertical card. With a second rectangle set into it. That folds back (opens like a door). And that’s where your contact info is. On the door you could have some sort of short catchy copy.

    You’re one door away from home.

    “This is the door” open it up to see this copy : “I’ll find you the key.”

    OR since your blog has eco in it

    have the card be a roof and the fold-back a solar panel.
    Title on the front — Solar, passive.
    and open up to read
    Broker, active . And then your contact info.

    Stop by my blog, too.

  5. Giselle:

    I think if I were a software engineer, perhaps my business card would be a cd-rom, and on it would be printed my contact info just like a traditional business card and on the cd-rom would be a portfolio of the work I had done for various clients. A bit pricey, but people would be more likely to keep it and check it out.

  6. Wow! These ideas are great. I am in transition from being an attorney to focusing on law office management, career services, training, HR, risk management and media/public relations. Any suggestions on a catchy in-transition business card? Thanks in advance.

  7. Lauren, I would focus on identifying the singular core message of what your business offers … less is more … and then focus on a business card. Read Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath, and you’ll gain a unique competitive advanatge in creating a message that sticks in the minds of those you serve or would like to serve … long after a prospect loses or misplaces your business card … which is bound to happen.

  8. I stumbled over here after your post on the Design Cubicle’s page where he showed designer’s business cards.

    I am left in AWE of some of these. The designers on TDC are good, some are truly creative in fact, but NOTHING like these! They must have cost their creators a bundle to have made up!

    SOOOOO clever though! I notice a lot of these don’t appear to be from the states…wondering if that’s the key.

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