The Smallest House In The World

Jay Shafer is the creator and resident of the smallest house in the world, which he has proudly named Tumbleweed. Jay is an artist and architect, who lives in his home near San Francisco. He sells plans for, and builds, tiny homes in sizes ranging from an extremely small 50 square feet to a practically roomy 500 square feet.

Jay has been living in a house smaller than some people’s closets since 1997.

Jay’s decision to inhabit just 96 square feet arose from his concerns he had about the impact a larger house would have on the environment, and because he does not want to maintain a lot of unused or unusable space.


26 thoughts on “The Smallest House In The World

  1. Ah! I think I saw a news report about a woman who’d bought one of those houses some time back. I was amazed to find out that one could live comfortable and well in such a small space.

    They sure do look good.

  2. adrienne says:

    That house is waaaaay nicer than mine, so I’m envious even though my house is 11 times larger.

  3. Beth says:

    And it would keep you from buying useless stuff because there’s no storage!

  4. Frederik says:

    And I thought just one room as a student was bad…
    not a house for claustrophobics..

  5. devin says:

    the only bummer is that that house probably costs as much to buy as a normal house in alot of states 🙁

  6. 56607 says:

    i lived for 4 years in an 81 square foot cubicle with two other guys…in prison of course…

  7. azhar ariff says:

    If it’s rocking, don’t come knocking… LOL

  8. lee goode says:

    reality show mash up: selected compulsive hoarders have to spend 6 months in one of Jay’s Tiny Houses! side bets could include how long before so much stuff accumulates that the Tiny House explodes. Or how long will the show play before Dr. Phil and Oprah attempt to wedge their fat asses into the house to try to “cure” these people of their disorder.

  9. Gem says:

    Wow! I actually wouldn’t mind living in a tiny house. Easy to maintain and you can travel all the time… with your house! I wonder if it’s expensive?

  10. Ostide says:

    It doesn’t count as a house; it’s a trailer.

  11. joana darc says:

    adorei essa casa é muito linda gostei muito.vlw beijosssss

  12. Paul Geller says:

    In the country where i live, you can easily find 10 people living in places even smaller than that one. I’m not one one them, but i do envy that home as well!

  13. MR. RESAKA says:

    I LOVE IT!!

  14. tobie says:

    that looks small, but if you search the smallest house in wales and find a picture of it, i think it looks smaller thatn that. its a tiny red cottage 1.8 metres wide and 3.05 metres high.

  15. scoutydog says:

    Awesome house how much would it cost.

  16. victoria says:

    wow that is soo tiny but it looks so comfterbale:)

  17. PatrickD says:

    I can’t help but wonder how the mattress gets upstairs.

  18. Lela Vasali says:

    This tiny house is great, When I was young and single, my pets and I lived in an Airstream by a river. I loved it. The only problem with that lifestyle is having enough room for my books.

  19. saly says:

    a good house to have if only one is moving around a lot.good for camping!!!!i like it.

  20. jamie says:

    wow i couldnt live in a house that small ever, even if it was only me living there.

  21. crea says:

    ahh its sooo cute, and its on wheels! real cool… the bathroom thats so clever, but id like a bigger oven/grill…..wat does he do if he wants to have a party and friends stay over?

  22. Maria fe says:

    i want to live there but it look crowded

  23. jennifer paul says:

    wow i love it and its not too small house and i really really like it

  24. richard says:

    Convenient, should be built into an RV, but keep the loop, a Recreational Home Vehicle.

  25. Realy love this! I want to create one day! :)))

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