Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Cinematic History in the Making


Recently, you may have seen some fascinating teaser trailers and short films about the highly-anticipated Hollywood hit ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’. Featuring two of the most renowned and iconic comic book characters of all time, this film represents the culmination of their journey from the page to the silver screen.

According to star Henry Cavill, who will play the role of Superman in the film, the picture is set to represent ‘a visual spectacle and cinematic history. This assertion is difficult to contest, especially when you consider the role of these characters in popular culture and their enduring appeal across a vast and diverse audience.

A Brief History: From Obscure Comic Book Stars to Global Icons

While cinematic history may be in the making with this movie, it is unlikely to represent the final chapter in either of the character’s Hollywood narrative. Instead, it is far more likely to launch a brand new franchise, hot on the heels of the widely acclaimed ‘Dark Knight’ series. There is certainly a considerable level of demand for this film, and the 2016 release is expected to generate millions at the Box Office. It will also underline just how far both characters have come since their inception and debut on the big screen.


It is almost 25 years since the original Batman film was released, for example, after finally being adapted from the iconic DC comic and subsequent TV programs. Starring Michael Keaton in the lead role and Jack Nicholson as the incredibly sinister Joker, the film was a huge success and laid the foundations for Batman’s transition to the silver screen. Although the film may seem dated in comparison with the special effects and cinematography of the new movie, many of Batman’s core character traits and relationships have remained unchanged.

Now and the Future

Despite this, the two characters have undoubtedly come a long way since their comic book and Hollywood debuts. They have also become part of a wider, globally recognizable brand, and one which has made Batman and Superman even more popular over the course of the last two decades.

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