The Sandman Gallery Edition Hardcover

For the first time ever, the diverse artistic styles that brought The Sandman to life have been captured in their original form. The Sandman Gallery Edition ($175) features stories by Neil Gaiman and art by Sam Kieth, P. Craig Russell, Charles Vess, Kelley Jones and others. Highlights include the complete art from The Sandman #1, by Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg, and P. Craig Russell’s complete art for The Sandman: The Dream Hunters graphic novel. This unique volume also includes numerous pages from The Sandman #2-75, as well as the complete six-page tale “Death: A Winter’s Tale” from Vertigo: Winters Edger # 2, illustrated by Jeffrey Jones.

Graphitti Designs’ Gallery Editions replicate the look, feel and attitude of the artwork. Every page is reproduced at original size on heavy paper stock to provide the fan and collector with museum-quality reproductions that are obtainable nowhere else.

The Sandman Gallery Edition provides a spectacular overview of the talented creators who collaborated with Neil Gaiman on the series from its start in 1989. Collecting the original artwork in this format, the spirit and attitude of Morpheus remains clear.  Never before has artwork by Sam Kieth, P. Craig Russell, Jeffrey Jones, Charles Vess, Kelley Jones, Marc Hempel, Jill Thompson, Mike Dringenberg, Michael Zulli and so many others been assembled and presented in such a grand fashion.

The 272 page oversized hardcover measures 13” x 20”. Look for the book to be released in July 2015.


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