Catwoman By Glen Brogan

I love this image of Catwoman created by Glen Brogan. Check out some more of his art HERE.

This is what the artist has to say about his art style and philosophy of his craft:

“When you’re a kid you just naturally want to draw and create. Some of us are lucky enough to retain that creative urge as we get older, but becoming a “serious” artist can have its own politics: you have to know the right people, draw the right thing, and show in the right galleries. Sometimes it seems like you’re expected to not only know the difference between good and bad art, but to know what should and shouldn’t be considered art, period. After a while you can get caught up in the philosophy of the whole thing so much that you’ve lost touch with that little kid inside that would sit and draw for hours just because it was fun.

To me, fun is what art is about, pure and simple. I do it because I love it. Nobody should tell you why, how, or what is the right way for you to be happy creating what you want.

Not only did I never outgrow that creative urge, but I never overcame my love for the first type of art children really take an interest in: cartoons. I believe cartooning is a far more complex and intriguing art form than most people think, and the style and sense of humor it requires is an artform all to iteslf. One of my favorite points about cartooning comes from Brad Bird, dircetor of “The Incredibles.” He says that animation in filmmaking is not a genre, but rather another way to make any kind of film; and I feel that way about cartooning in any form: cartoons can be funny, serious, happy, gross, angry, sexy, disturbing, deep, intriguing, or anything else. They are a way to tell a story, to make you laugh and to make you think, and I believe they take a lot of that deep down inner something to create.”


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