Apple Releases iOS 8.2 Software Update


During today’s “Spring Forward” event, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that iOS 8.2 is being released today. The new update includes an Apple Watch app that will provide access to the App Store for the new wearable device, as well as the ability to configure settings, transfer apps to the Apple Watch, and even watch information and preview videos on the Apple Watch before buying one. iOS 8.2 is available for download through the normal software update mechanisms.

New Features

Apple Watch compatibility

This won’t affect the majority of users, but the headline feature of iOS 8.2 is indeed that it brings compatibility with the Apple Watch. Following the update users will be able to pair with Watch and a native Watch app will enable you to set it up and control app installs and notifications, while an Activity app will track your exercise.

HealthKit Upgrades

The other big news with iOS 8.2 are the improvements it makes to Apple HealthKit. Along with UI tweaks, users now get a choice of metric and imperial measurements for body temperature, weight, height, distance and blood glucose.

There’s compatibility with third party apps to add and visualise their workout session data and a new privacy setting to turn off tracking of steps, distance and flights of stairs climbed.


HealthKit – bug fixes which prevented adding a Medical ID photo, fixes for vitamins and mineral units, crashes when refreshing health data and increased stability when importing or updating large amounts of data.

The ‘GMT Bug’ – the most notorious iOS 8 bug is called out by name in iOS 8.2: ‘Fixes a timezone issue where Calendar events appear in GMT’. Those affected found their calendar dates switching time zones and causing chaos with their schedules. Present since iOS 8 launched in September, it has become of the biggest threads on Apple Support Communities.

Bluetooth Fixes – Another infamous bug since September which affected calls made over Bluetooth (particularly using car kits) has been squashed with iOS 8.2. Again Apple calls it out by name: ‘Fixes a Bluetooth calling issue where no audio is heard until the call is answered’.

Other fixes: Apple is also adding bugs fixes to improve the reliability of Mail, Maps (in the 3D Flyover feature), Music, VoiceOver but has given away little about what they contain. There’s also improved connectivity for paired Made for iPhone hearing aids.

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