Slotomania For Android Game Review


If you are a slot machine fan then this game will hook you from the start. Slotomania is an online slots app that offers endless possibilities and fun with the game of slots. The game comes with a variety of themed slot machine games. It gives players  lots of opportunity to win bonuses, free rounds, gifts and even mini games. Best of all it is available for free download on your Android device.

A Slot game for everyone

At Slotomania you have option to choose from wide range of slot machine to play from. Once you download the game you will start your play with the Farm Fortune slot. Other themes like Kiss of Empire, Forest magic, Queen of the Desert and Party in Wonderland can be downloaded within the game itself. Other themes are also available but you will need to unlock them by playing the game. You need to complete tasks or achieve a desired level in the game to unlock the next theme. The more you play the more money you will be able to earn!

How to play?

The rules are quite simple just like playing slot machines in real life. Choose a slot, it will come with different symbols and 5 different columns to match them. Match at least two symbols in a row and if they are eligible for the line then you will be awarded points.

The fortune theme provides farm animals like cows, pigs, chickens and dogs. The farm also produces farm products like tomatoes, pumpkins, sunflower and grapes on the slot. Other images that periodically appear on the slot machine are scarecrows, tractors and barns.

Connect with your friends

Slotmania allows you to connect with your friends and family via Facebook and you can also check their progress in the game. When you connect your Facebook account with the game you will earn free coins that you can later for additional spins.

It will also allow you to review the leader board and you can determine who is trying to beat you. Push the spin button, cross your fingers and hope for a great score. While playing there are some milestones that you will have to reach in order to level up. You can also share your milestones with your friends via social media and earn additional free spins by sharing. The more you share, the more you will be able to earn.

All in the Box

With the huge number of themed slot machines, this game will easily keep you engaged for hours. The game has impressive graphics, addictive gameplay, well-designed rules and creative slots that will keep you addicted to game play for hours. In addition the game also encourages fun competition with your friends which makes it more interesting. Overall the game is brilliantly designed and if you like casino slots then you will definitely like this game.

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