The Poster Posse Pays Tribute To Netfix’s Daredevil

I am on episode six of Netflix’s Daredevil and I may have to binge watch the rest of the series tonight to the sad conclusion when I have to wait until next year for a hopeful season 2. The program is smart, dark, gritty, action packed, well written and may be the best Marvel television show in recent history.

The art collective known as The Poster Posse has sharpened their pencils, painted with pixels and knocked it out of the park again with their tribute to my favorite Marvel comic book character Daredevil. Blind attorney Matt Murdock by day and dark vigilante by night trying to save Hell’s Kitchen came to my attention with Frank Miller’s take on the character in the 80’s which wrapped up in one of my favorite storylines of all time, Born Again!

The Poster Posse captures the duality of the character, his fight for justice and the blind optimism that one man can make a difference. Click HERE to check out the fantastic art. Well done Posse!

Daredevil_BLACK_Rich_Davies_Poster_Posse-667x1024 Daredevil_Joe_Vetoe_Poster_Posse-490x1024 Daredevil_Matt_Needle_Poster_posse Daredevil_Simon_Delart_Poster_Posse-768x1024 Orlando-Arocena_-DAREDEVIL-_DIABOLICO_Poster_Posse Poster-posse-Daredevil-Doaly5-717x1024

Daredevil_Poster_Posse_Salvador_Anguiano-5-768x1024 daredevil_Rodolfo_Reyes_Poster_Posse



DAREDEVIL_thedarkinker_Poster_posse-1024x999 Daredevil_Variant-685x1024

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