French Paper Art To Release Shutter Island Print By Laurent Durieux On April 16, 2015

French Paper Art Club will release an extraordinary screen print for Shutter Island designed by Laurent Durieux. Based on the novel by Denis Lehane, this thriller published in 2003 inspired Martin Scorcese for his movie adaptation ten years later, and takes place in a mental hospital in 1954.

This beautiful print, created with the help of the great artist François Schuiten, will be available on April 16, 2015 at a random time on French Paper Art Club in a regularvariant and a special giant edition. Stay tuned on Geek-Art or French Paper Art Club.


Regular Edition of 250
Size 24 x 36
11 color screen print
60 euros


Variant Edition of 100
Size 24 x 36
11 color screen print
75 euros


Special Edition of 40
Size 70 x 100 cm
11 color screen print with white frame
100 euros

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