POPzilla Gallery Celebrates Back To The Future And Other Time Travel Content With “Time After Time” Art Show Opening On May 9, 2015


Established in 2012, POPzilla Gallery traditionally curates two art events a year. Previous unofficial celebrations of pop culture have included everything from the steam punk fueled “SteamPOP” to last Fall’s Tim Burton tribute show. But with the upcoming “TIME after TIME” group show, they not only focus on the best trilogy ever, Back to the Future, but also other favorite time travel movies, video games, comics and TV shows.

This show in particular started out just celebrating the good citizens of Hill Valley, but they realized there is so much good time travel content out there that they knew they needed to make the show even bigger. So expect art also based on films such as Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Doctor Who and much more. That’s what POPzilla Gallery group art shows are known for — finding an overall umbrella type of theme where all the art has something in common, but at the same time completely different themes within. And then mix in approximately 60 different industry artists as they put their own spin on it.

The opening night reception for “TIME after TIME” is Saturday is May 9th 6pm – 10pm at the Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim, California. The Gallery is about a mile north of Disneyland, in Downtown Anaheim. As a special feature of the show on opening night only, there will be a replica Back to the Future DeLorean time machine for guests to get up close and personal with in front of the Gallery. There is no charge to enter the “TIME after TIME” group show. Both the originals on the wall and the prints will all be for sale.  POPzilla’s goal is to always price-to-sell the art they feature because they do not think you should have to make six figures to be able to enjoy great art. Another perk of coming by opening night is they also have the majority of the POPzilla Artists from the current show in attendance, so it’s very possible to have your art signed in person.

Also taking place the same evening as the opening night reception on May 9th is the Art Crawl Experience, also known as ACE. After checking out the POPzilla show, visit this most excellent art festival as Orange County artists of all trades take over downtown Anaheim with music, food and even more art. The ACE stretches over numerous city blocks from the Rothick Art Haus on Harbor all the way to the new, must see Anaheim Packing House on Anaheim Blvd. Together with POPzilla and the ACE, it is truly an evening not to be missed.




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