IDW Announces Frank Miller’s Daredevil Artifact Edition Convention Variant

IDW Publishing, the popular comic book publisher and local to San Diego, has announced its slate of exclusive comics, hardcovers and collectibles for SDCC 2015 and a standout exclusive hardcover is Frank Miller’s Daredevil Artifact Edition Convention Variant.

Frank Miller, multiple Eisner Award-winner, is one of the finest and most influential comics creators of his generation. From Sin City to Dark Knight Returns, to Daredevil: Born Again and Batman: Year One (both of which he wrote and collaborated on with David Mazzucchelli), his contribution to the art form is nearly peerless. But before these incredible works came his groundbreaking turn on Daredevil!

This convention exclusive boasts a stunning variant cover by Miller featuring Daredevil and Black Widow. The book will cost $100, and be limited to 175 copies, 2 per person!


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