Casa Brutale Cliffside Concept Home By OPA


Casa Brutale allows you to live on the edge! This visionary home would be perfect for a suave International spy, a super hero team or perhaps a cat stroking villain with hopes of world domination!

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This concept property by OPA sits inside a cliff and is defined by three concrete walls that form the main living space. In order to let in plenty of light, the sea-facing front wall is all glass, as is the bottom of the roof-mounted swimming pool, creating undulating wave patterns as the sun shimmers through. If you want to build a house with a pool as the roof like this one then you should definitely line up an expert in roofing, waterproofing, and foundations like Staten Island Roofing. The house is accessed via a stairwell that runs from the top all the way to the glass-paneled balcony at the bottom, inviting guests to take in a little fresh air before entering the home.

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