Coming To Bookstores On September 15, 2015 – A Graphic Novel ‘Intro To Alien Invasion” By Owen King And Mark Jude Poirer, Illustrated By Nancy Ahn


Scribner is pleased to announce the publication, on September 15, 2015 of its first graphic novel, Intro To Alien Invasion, born out of a fantastic collaboration between two exceptional literary novelists and an imaginative illustrator. The gifted Owen King makes up one half of the storytelling team; The New York Times Book Review called his debut novel Double Feature “epic, ambitious…[King] has a captivating energy, a precision, and a fondness for people that are rare.” Writing with King is New York Times Notable novelist and screenwriter Mark Jude Poirier, whose work includes the films Smart People and Hateship Loveship, adapted from an Alice Munro story. Young, extremely talented illustrator Nancy Ahn brings a unique and knowing aesthetic to this ambitious work.

Intro To Alien Invasion stars Stacey, a brilliant, but socially marginalized student at Fenton College, a liberal arts school nestled in the hills of Vermont. Even her few friends find her relationship with Professor Evans, the highly eccentric astrobiology instructor, strange, and they’re skeptical of his theories about alien species. But, when an enormous hurricane strands the students on campus, Professor Evans’s theories prove to be correct: an alien invasion suddenly hits the college, leaving Stacey as the student most capable of taking down the infestation that threatens to wipe out the entire Fenton College population.

Intro To Alien Invasion humorously captures the contradictions of the typical liberal arts college, and its sharp depictions of various college cliques, from the “Trustafarians” to “the Young Republicans,” will leave readers in stitches. Intro To Alien Invasion also manages to reveal the dark side of college life—from mean students ignorant of their deep privilege to egotistical frat boys to uppity professors and uncaring administrators. Through inventive, witty illustrations and dynamic storytelling techniques, King, Poirier, and Ahn create an ingenious graphic novel bursting with wit, heart and pop culture references, and filtered through the point-of-view of a contemporary, compelling heroine.


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