Secret Cinema Lets Star Wars Fans Experience Movie In New Way


Secret Cinema has been putting on cinematic events for many years. They take a well-known movie or cult film and literally transport you to the period in which the film took place. Last year, Secret Cinema brought the 1950’s town of Hill Valley from Back to the Future to life, and this year they’ve applied the same magic to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.


After two years in the making, Secret Cinema literally transports you from a secret meeting place in London into the world of Star Wars. You need to dress appropriately (full instructions are given prior to attending), adopt your own given Star Wars name, and then open yourself up and let yourself go.

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Charlie D’Agata from CBS This Morning takes us inside Secret Cinema, hidden somewhere in London.

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3 thoughts on “Secret Cinema Lets Star Wars Fans Experience Movie In New Way

    1. So jealous as this looks like an amazing time! They will be hosting events in the U.S. in the next few months, fingers crossed it will be in Los Angeles. If so, I am there!

      1. Oh, I hope you manage to experience this in some way! I do recommend it. I’ll definitely go to another one if they do another movie I really love. Wish I’d gone to the Back To The Future one. 🙂

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