The Rise of LEGO Architecture: What Does It Mean For The Property Market

We have seen some unusual developments in the property market over the last decade, from the rise of flat pack housing to the emergence of quick acting national home buyers who purchase homes on the brink of repossession.


The former example is particularly interesting, however, as it links a renowned brand with the development of functional, corporeal structures. This has changed the nature of architecture in the modern age, and there are similar events that have also had a significant impact in recent times.

The Emergence of LEGO Architecture

Most recently, Danish toy company LEGO made a bold move into the property market, through the establishment of the Lego Architecture Studio. This essentially represented a new generation of durable building blocks that were aimed at the architecture and design community. Packaged as a single product featuring over 1,200 pieces and 76 unique components, this studio will afford creatives an incredible level of freedom as they look to experiment and develop their own, unique structures.

Now available in the UK and Europe for the first time, has the potential to inspire an entire generation of property developers and future building designs. We have already seen examples of this, and after a successful inaugural event in 2014 LEGO Architecture is presenting a brand new opportunity for students in the Villa Pennisi in Musica summer workshop to experiment with the material to hone their craft indulge their creative urges.


More specifically, architecture students will be tasked with using their 1,200-piece monochromatic LEGO Architecture Studio sets to build scale models of various indoor structures. These will subsequently be used to amplify the acoustics of the historic Teatro Bellini of Acireale, a renowned baroque structure that was tragically destroyed by fire during the 1960’s. Having been only partially reconstructed since this sad event, the participating students will finally be challenged to figure out pertinent design solutions that will enable the theatre to function as a music hall once again.

What does this mean for future of the Property Market?

While this represents innovation at its most pronounced, we must make it clear that there is little chance of LEGO blocks being used in full-scale residential or commercial projects any time soon. This is not the point of the LEGO Architecture Studio, however, as it is being integrated to the property industry more as a learning aid than a direct building material.

It has huge potential as a facilitator of creative output and energy, however, providing the ideal medium through which the property developers of tomorrow can hone their skills, build knowledge and create forward-thinking concepts that can alter the future perception of architecture around the world.

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