Up All Night To Get Lucky? UK Casino Tops the Charts


The launch in the UK of the new online casino, Getlucky.com, leans heavily on the Daft Punk track of the same name featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers. The hook line Up all night to get lucky is inevitably playing a prominent part in the appeals that the new venture is pushing out to prospective players. It made us wonder, what other tracks might represent the perfect pre-packaged, chart-topping commercial accompaniment?

Daft Punk’s adult-oriented lyrics are right on the money when it comes to generating the sense of cheeky and carefree, grown up fun that Getlucky’s producers are seeking to generate:

She’s up all night to the sun

I’m up all night to get some

She’s up all night for good fun

I’m up all night to get lucky

It’s a pairing that sets the bar quite high. So what did we come up with? This isn’t a scientific list, and you’re welcome to add your own, just as you’re welcome to shoot ours down in flames. Here’s what we came up with:

There is something about the way that – even post Steve Jobs – Apple go about their business that we couldn’t resist. On that basis, Tears for Fears’ Everybody wants to Rule the World struck us as being pretty much spot on when it came to Apple. They really do seem to want to rule the world, and they probably soon will.

Maybe not quite so subversively there was a vote for the Backstreet Boys as the new face of the sandwich chain Subway. I Want it that Way is pretty much as close to the Subway mantra as you could hope to come up with. Obviously it would be better if the band changed their name to the Highstreet Boys, but, hey, you can’t have everything. Tempting as it was, we ruled out the idea of including the collective French Mushroom industry’s case for inclusion as the natural partner for Queen’s classic anthem We are the Champignons. This isn’t that kind of list.

There was a vote that we did allow for the breakdown services – AA, RAC, National Breakdown etc. – to be represented by Salt N Pepa’s Push It. We can be pretty cruel sometimes.

And we liked the idea that Nike might make something of Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run, although the Boss himself might not think much of that idea.
We liked the idea that Donald Trump could get tuneful with Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars with Billionaire, although in fairness that bird has already flown. And anyway, we’ve already done ruling the world once…

Last but not least our favorite was Friends Reunited – remember them? And the song to sum it up perfectly? There was only one choice – Yesterday – they didn’t get so lucky!

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