Using Games To Improve Your Brain Power


In this fast-paced world filled with stress, worry and monotonous routines we often overlook one of the most important aspects of our health and well-being, our minds. Recent research has claimed that giving our brains a sufficient daily workout can stave off diseases like dementia and depression so we’ve been inspired to look at some of the best and most popular brain training resources available on and off the web to help you keep your mind in top shape.



If you enjoy a daily puzzle or mathematical problem then brain-training can become far from a daunting task. The popular Japanese puzzle Sudoku requires you to place numbers from 1 to 9 on a grid where some of the numbers are partially given leaving it up to you to fill in the gaps but you aren’t allowed to use a number twice in a column, row, or 3×3 sub-grid. This fun and often challenging little game is a great way to get your mind engaged and improve your focus. If numerical reasoning appeals to you, but you’re put off by the difficulty of Sudoku then even simpler number matching games like bingo UK can also sharpen the mind.



This highly popular little brain training app, available on all major mobile platforms, tests all areas of your mind including speed, problem solving, memory, attention, focus and it can even gage your cognitive flexibility. You can track your progress each day and there are plenty of refreshing activities and games to keep you coming back for more.

Keeping fit and healthy


It does seem like a given that you need to take care of your physical health, fitness and overall well-being in order to keep your mind sharp. However, during the hustle and bustle of daily life many people often overlook the influence of exercise on their brains. Just 15 minutes of exercise a day and sticking to a healthy diet can make all the difference. Sugar and other such fatty foods are known to induce sluggish tendencies that can lead to negative thinking so a daily jog will help you de-stress and even sleep better.

Learn Something New


Whilst repetition of new tasks can be a great way to start building new neural pathways in your mind the opportunity to learn something new is always beneficial for the mind. If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language, or brush up on some DIY skills, then all these activities will go some way to keeping your mind sharp and agile. Not only is acquiring new skills and knowledge beneficial for your brain but it’s a great way to break out of any potential monotonous routines you may find yourself in.



Having a positive outlook and cheery disposition can make all the difference in many aspects of your waking life. And thanks to the Happify app you can now help put aside those negative thoughts and train your brain to be more receptive to enjoyment. The Happify app uses various soothing games and activities that will assist in curbing your levels of stress whilst building skills to help you become mentally stronger all round.

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