MONDO Announces Batman: The Animated Series Vinyl Box Set


MONDO has put together an awesome vinyl box set featuring the full scores of its favorite Batman: The Animated Series episodes. From “On Leather Wings” to “Joker’s Favor” to “The Man Who Killed Batman,” fans can relive the episodes through the series’ remastered soundtrack.

Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative designed brand new artwork for each episode. You can check out all eight vinyl covers, plus a look at the full box set courtesy of IGN.

The box set also includes six 4×6 screen-printed handbills featuring the villains from the episode “Almost Got ‘Im,” which followed five Batman villains telling the stories of how they almost killed the Caped Crusader. MONDO’s Batman: The Animated Series vinyl box set will be available for pre-order in November. MONDO will announce the date it goes on sale on the company’s Twitter account, @MondoNews.

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