The Best Home Gadgets Funded Through Kickstarter


Kickstarter has raised huge amounts of money through the course of its lifetime, with a grand total of $529 million pledged across all projects in 2014 alone. The sheer volume of money spent underlines the diversity of the platform, as projects are launched across multiple sectors on a daily basis. The home and residential market has served as the inspiration for a number of innovative and successful Kickstarter projects, especially as smart technology has become increasingly commonplace.

With this in mind, we have collated six of the best and most innovative Kickstarter projects that are related to the home.

Here’s a list of three of the coolest currently-running projects on Kickstarter that will help you improve life around the house. Whether you are looking to sell your house or simply want to create a more comfortable living space, these products can add considerable value: –



If there is one common feature that binds smart technology, it is the capacity for wireless connectivity. Blink is a wire-free, high definition monitoring and alert system, which helps home-owners to incorporate modern security elements into even traditional properties. This battery powered system is flexible and entirely energy-efficient, meaning that it can be repositioned easily and offers a lifespan in excess of a year. Starting at just £30 in the UK market, this is an affordable piece of innovative technology that can instantly add value and security to your home.


Lighting is a crucial aspect of any smart, energy-efficient home, and while we are now in the fifth generation of LED fittings it can be difficult to replace every fixture within your home. Emberlight can help with this transition, however, as it enables you to control any interior bulb through your smartphone and even works with standard, non-LED fittings. Installing it is as easy as screwing your bulb into an Emberlight adaptor and then connecting the device to an existing Wi-Fi network, and this product has helped thousands of households to gradually adapt energy-efficient lighting.

iSensor HD

This is arguably one of Kickstarter’s most famous projects, as the iSensor HD had emerged as the world’s most trusted and reputable home security system. It offers a different function that the previously listed Blink product, adopting a narrow focus on camera security in order to offer the most in-depth protection to home-owners. It is also compatible with Wi-Fi, however, while it also communicates through Skype and delivers data directly to residents in real-time. The images captured by the iSensor HD are also high definition in their nature, although one of its most unique selling points is the fact that it consumers less power than any comparative HD IP camera device.

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