Spy vs. Spy: An Explosive Celebration


MAD’s newest book, Spy vs. Spy: An Explosive Celebration, is on sale this week! This 224-page hardcover features 150 of Spy vs. Spy’s most memorable adventures, presented for the first time in blazing full color!

Also inside:

– Foreword by Lewis Black
– Sergio Aragonés’ heartfelt graphic memoir of the Spies’ creator, Antonio Prohias
– A top-secret dossier of Spy vs. Spy trivia and stats
– An appreciation of current Spy vs. Spy cartoonist Peter Kuper, with a selection of his greatest strips
– 10 all-new and 5 classic posters by these noted graphic artists:

Orlando Arocena
Peter Bagge
Tom Bunk
André Carrilho
Darwyn Cooke
Evan Dorkin
Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez
Jim Lee
Hermann Mejia
Tony Millionaire
Nathan Sawaya
Yuko Shimizu
Bill Sienkiewicz
Bob Staake
Rich Webber

This MAD-dening anthology is perfect for longtime fans and first-time agent provocateurs! Check out the preview pages below, then go get your copy today — available everywhere books are sold!

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