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Dickies workwear is all about details, craftsmanship and quality materials that are tougher than usual. There are numerous different types of materials used for making work clothing, made of both natural and synthetic fibers. These are some of the most common that you may encounter as you search for the perfect work clothing to wear for your next heavy job.

Cotton Variants

Cotton is a versatile fabric, and it can be used to make several different types of fabric appropriate for work clothing. Perhaps the most common is denim, though the grade of denim used in work wear is generally heavier than the one used for fashionable Dickies denim jeans. Cotton is also used to make flannel, a soft but durable fabric that is ideal for working in cold weather. Finally, cotton can be used to make cotton duck, a heavy fabric that repels water and has a smooth outer surface that is resistant to tearing and snagging.


Like cotton, wool is a natural fiber with all the usual benefits associated with natural fabrics. It is largely water resistant but extremely light and flexible so it doesn’t weigh you down when you move. Wool clothing comes in many different thicknesses, so it can be worn as a base layer or as a heavy outer layer as needed.


Leather is most commonly used in making work wear accessories such as boots and gloves. It is one of the toughest natural materials, but its relative inflexibility and weight, not to mention the fact that it tends to trap heat next to the skin, makes it somewhat impractical for larger pieces of clothing. Leather tends to be more expensive than other natural fibers, as well.

Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials are made from artificial fibers. Advances in technology have resulted in a wide variety of synthetic materials, many of which have unique qualities that make them specially suited for specific jobs. For example, Kevlar fabrics are extra tough and can protect the skin from cuts and seven punctures. Other synthetic materials are designed to withstand cold or protect the hands from developing blisters.

Insulated Clothing

Many types of clothing designed for work come with the option of additional insulation. Insulation may be made from wool or flannel, or from a synthetic fiber. It is often necessary when the wearer will be working outdoors or in the wind and rain for long periods and needs to preserve body heat.

When choosing work clothing, consider the type of job at hand and what the weather will be like before settling on the appropriate material.

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