Artist Cindy Chinn Carves A Detailed Train & Trestle Into A Carpenter Pencil


Artist Cindy Chinn has created a wonderfully detailed and tiny carving of a train, trestle and bridge carved into the entirety of a carpenter pencil. Chinn is currently offering the train and other custom-made carvings through her Etsy store.

This is a one of a kind pencil carving. She started with a regular carpenter’s pencil and carved away some of the wood, and used the lead to create a train. This piece was designed using straight lead pieces for the rails, with the tiny carved train placed and securely glued on top of the rails. The train engine is only 3/16″ of an inch tall. The pencil is 5-5/8″ long and mounted in a wood shadowbox frame as shown in the photos.

Check out her other pencils – or order a custom made carved pencil. They make great gifts!

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