Mondo To Launch Line of MondoBalls


Introducing MondoBalls – gross-out toys of the 80s and 90s reimagined through the eyes of Mondo!

Everyone who’s anyone remembers Madballs, the now classic toy balls featuring disgustingly fun characters like Horn Head and Slobulus. Now imagine that same style of of toy applied to other licenses…Friday the 13th, Gremlins, Marvel and many more!


MondoBalls are highly detailed, affordably-priced vinyl ball figures with a wide variety of characters and licenses. Mondo’s Creative Director of Toys/Collectibles Brock Otterbacher says, “This line is one of the most fun projects I’ve ever had a chance to work on! We’re super excited to launch these gross little guys, and what better place to start than with three of the characters that started it all – Skull Face, Horn Head, and Slobulus, from Madballs!”




Starting in February, MONDO will be offering the first three characters in the line for pre-order, exclusive to! These are expected to ship by summer. More characters and licensing announcements to follow in this spring.

Here is a preview of Venom from Marvel Comics!


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