3 Different Fun & Free Things To Do Online (One Of Those Is Free Slots)

So you are bored at home, have some free time or need a short break at work. The World Wide Web provides many paths to popular culture. Whether you strive for self improvement by learning a new language or you just wish to be entertained, you can find great web sites to help you pass the time and enrich your life at the same time. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started:

Listen To A Wide Variety of Music:

Check out Pandora.com or Yahoo Music, which allow you to select a category (everything from rock to Latin jazz to stand-up comedy) and stream to your heart’s content. Like regular radio, you get unlimited play for free, with occasional commercials. You can also listen in to actual broadcasts from stations across the country. Please note that these websites are all great places to listen to free music online however many are advertised based so you’ll need to listen to ads every once in awhile. There are also sometimes rules on how often you can skip songs within a playlist or radio station. Be sure to read each website’s FAQs to find out all the details.

Learn A Brand New Language:

Ever wanted to parlez-vous francais or habla espanol? Learn a handful of essential phrases in 36 different languages — including Icelandic, Chinese and Catalan. Or take a 12-week course in French, Spanish, German or Italian via computer, complete with lessons, weekly e-mail tips, an “end of course assessment” and a certificate when you’re done. It’s all courtesy of the BBC. Learning a new language can increase better job prospects, enhance your brain health, add to your travel experiences and improve your understanding of thw world around you!

Play Free Slots At Your Leisure:

Why pay to go to a casino when you can play free online slots games with no download or registration required. Choose from over 500 video slot machines, 3D games, progressive jackpots and more. You don’t have to wrry about money because the games are free and you still get the thrill of slot play from the comfort of your home or office! Go here for the best slots games! When you decide that you want to play for real cash prizes, you can use your exclusive bonuses to get you started at some of the best casinos online.

These are just a very small sampling of fun things to do online. Other suggestions include taking online cooking classes, watching movies online, testing your IQ with brain games, etc. The sky is literally the limit! So log on and enjoy! Please comment below with suggestions of your own on how you like to pass the time on the web?


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