5 Classic Games You Can Still Play And Love Again

Retro gaming is a hugely popular industry and gamers old and new wanting to relive their classic gaming memories now have a better opportunity than ever of getting their hands on those forgotten titles from yesteryear. Whilst PC and console-based emulators did a grand job at being able to replicate the various console platforms and accompanying game titles it’s the smartphone gaming app market that has really helped boost this interest once more and here are just some of the classics you can play today.



You can’t get much more retro or indeed iconic than the classic arcade game Pac-Man. Its impact has been absolutely incredible and is often described as one of the most influential games of all time for a number of reasons. Now you can enjoy all the pellet munching, ghost dodging, cherry picking action you can handle right from your smartphone.

Super Mario Bros.


Back in 1985 Nintendo quite literally changed the way in which we play platform-based video games by introducing us to an Italian moustached plumber named Mario. It was truly pioneering in its day and has heavily influenced platform games ever since. Since its introduction it has sold millions and seen Mario pop up in endless other Super Mario games and spin-offs.



This iconic Russian offering is still going strong today thanks to its simplistic gameplay which makes it thoroughly addictive. Due to its rather undemanding graphics and setup it’s a game that has been able to be redeveloped very easily for nearly every platform there has ever been making it highly versatile.

Sonic The Hedgehog


Sega’s answer to Super Mario was of course the speedy blue hedgehog known as Sonic. He first appeared in the early 90’s and was the flagship game for the Sega Genesis. Now Sonic can continue battling the nefarious Dr Robotnik since the original games themselves have been redeveloped for the mobile market allowing you to enjoy those classic levels like the Green Hill, Spring Yard and Star Light Zones.

Online Slots

There are plenty of classic games built into online slots. You can Play Thunderstruck 2 online slot at Euro Palace as as well as other new and emerging slots. But you can now enjoy your favorite gambling pastimes anywhere and at any time since online operators have developed their most popular games for the mobile market into simple-to-use bite sized apps.

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