French Paper Art Club To Release Superman: Truth, Justice And The American Way Print By Michael Cho On February 24, 2016

French Paper Art Club and Geek-Art are proud to release this gorgeous screenprint officially licenced through DC Comics. Michael Cho knocked it out of the park with his vintage take on The Man of Steel.

Available tomorrow (Wednesday February 24, 2016) on French Paper Art Club.

Michael Cho shared this about the print:“I’ve always liked that old tagline about Superman – that he stood for ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way’.  I like positive, optimistic super-heroes and Superman is just about the best example of that, so I was trying to present that attitude in this painting.”


Superman: Truth, Justice and The American Way
By Michael Cho
4 color screenprint
Limited Edition of 120
Size: 17’x24′
DC Comics Officially Licensed
40 euros

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