Gallery 1988 Announces Tom Whalen Bust’d 2: Bust’d With A Vengeance Opening On March 3, 2016


This Thursday Night, March 3rd, join G1988 (West) for the return of Tom Whalen and the introduction of Bust’d 2: Bust’d with a Vengeance. The sequel to his original Bust’d show from 2014, this exhibition is an entirely new collection of Tom’s pop culture busts, each limited edition prints and priced to collect. The new series will include his signature 8×8 screenprints, but also feature print sets, metal prints, sketches and his incredible original wood sculptures. Over the years, Tom has become one of the most sought after artists at Gallery1988 and this exhibit is yet another impressive addition to their long-standing relationship.

The opening reception of Bust’d 2 will be from 7-9 PM on Thursday night at 7308 Melrose Ave. Tom will be in attendance and it’ll be your first opportunity to pick up work from the new show. All of the pieces will then go online Friday afternoon (PT) for purchase at



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g1988_bust'd_deckard g1988_bust'd_deckard g1988_bust'd_jason g1988_bust'd_deckard g1988_bust'd_deckard g1988_bust'd_deckard g1988_bust'd_deckard


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