MONDO Partners With Acme Archives To Release Time Limited Mike Mitchell Star Wars Themed “Red Five” Print On March 17, 2016

Mondo has announced that it is teaming up with ACME Archives to create a new series of posters based on both the Indiana Jones and Star Wars franchises. The partnership is kicking off with the first new poster, a profile of Luke Skywalker from artist Mike Mitchell, titled simply “Red Five.” It goes on sale tomorrow, March 17th, at 1PM ET / 10AM PT, and rather than Mondo’s usual immediate sell out within seconds, this one will be available for a full 72 hours.

Mondo also announced they will produce Indiana Jones posters. Mondo has never secured the license for Raiders of the Lost Ark and its sequels until partnering with ACME. The collaboration will also allow Mondo to create posters for several other properties that ACME Archives has the fine art licenses for, including The X-Files and projects from Dreamworks Animation.

You can purchase the Red Five print HERE for $55.


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