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Undoubtedly one of the most entertaining of features that we enjoy on our mobile phones is the vast range of apps for just about everything you could imagine from playing at an online phone casino to enhancing your movie experiences online.

I for one am a great movie lover. I wouldn’t say that I have a love for one particular genre but more that I like quality of direction, and the whole way that a movie is put together, why that particular location was used, how it got its title etc. That is simply my preference, but I do like to use my mobile for accessing all the information relating to any of the movies I am interested in.

There are so many apps for sale in the App Store that can it become more than a little daunting when I comes to deciding which one to use and I have narrowed it down to two based on quality and cost. Of course your own personal needs may not be the same as mine but it’s still worth checking these out.

– MoviePass works on any device Android/iphone/ipad/laptop. Its benefits include unlimited downloading/streaming, its direct, convenient and easy access with high quality movies directly to your mobile. (there is a small charge for this app)

– Amazon Free Movies app for 30 days has a selection of movies in excess of 200,000 titles and TV shows provided in high quality HD/SD versions of movies and shows

For file sharers the best choice in transmission alternative is probably the oldest. Deluge was released way back in 2005 and has been continually updated during the years.  Deluge is available for Mac or Windows users and has an excellent reputation as the fastest of torrent client boasting fast downloads which are available due to the lack of unnecessary software included on the popular programs such as Vuze and uTorrent.

qBittorrent is as simple as uTorrents and came into prominence after questions were raised about uTorrents trustworthiness. There are no ads in qBitTorrent and it is all open source, so most people with the right knowledge can see what they are downloading. qBitTorrent enjoys regular praise on active torrent communities, so that is pretty cool.

However and wherever you choose to watch your favourite films one thing is for sure that with the technological advancements being made viewing has never been so enjoyable.

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