How To Partner With Web Companies That Sell Domain Names


There are opportunities available to partner with web companies that sell domain names. You can become an affiliate; you can advertise with register, or you can become a reseller. Whichever option you choose, you are most likely to capitalize on it.

Types of Partnerships Available

Become an Affiliate

Before becoming an affiliate, do not forget to reserve domain name. After getting into the affiliate program, you will get compensated for garnering sales. For example, if you sell the web company’s products, you will receive a percentage of all the sales that you have made on their behalf.

The process is free when you recommend and sell their domain name registration and hosting products. You will get provided with animated or static banner ads, text links, and product links. All you have to do is to drive traffic to the site on which you are doing the promotion.

The benefits you get include a 45-day cookie length, custom original ad links, and a well-known worldwide brand. Additionally, you will earn up to $750 per web hosting sale. The products will be easy to sell, and you will get monthly promotions. Finally, joining the program is free.

The steps you have to follow are: Filling out an application, add links and banners to your site, and refer customers by driving them to your site.

Advertising with Register

You can advertise to target a particular audience. You can do that by using traditional display, or you can create custom solutions. You can use site metrics to track how well your site performs.

You will be able to tell how many page views you have had a day, week, or month. You will be able to determine how many individual visitors came to your page. You can also tell how many people subscribed to your newsletters.

You can use ad solution placement such as:

1. Display advertising
This entails a variety of banners that can be static or animated and rich media. They comply with the standard IAB units.

2. Email Newsletter Advertising
You will get a variety of banner units with a monthly email newsletter. They offer newsletter sponsorship, and they offer Opt-in customers – about 600,000 per month.

3. Learning Center Advertising
There are roughly 200,000 monthly visitors. They spend most of their time reading the articles and blogs. Learning Center offers tips and advice regarding domain name registration, web hosting services, and website design.

The Learning Center can also get sponsored. For example, a particular topic can get purchased. There is also high SOV media and advertorials.

4. Partner Offers Packages
A partner gets recommended through a menu of options such as ROS banners and text links, and also a featured partner section.

5. Email Marketing
Email products get sold via banners.

6. Customized Advertising
A combination of ads get mixed and matched to create a customized solution.

Become a Reseller

When you become a reseller, you can sell a complete line of domain names. You will have a low-cost hosting solution. There are easy to use website creation tools. There is eCommerce. You will get a full line of Secure Certificates and also mobile internet sites.

In conclusion, when you partner up with online web companies that sell domain names and web hosting, you will get the opportunity to be an affiliate, advertising with register, and also become a reseller.

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