What You Need To Know Before Going To See Captain America Civil War


The upcoming release of the brand new film in the Captain America Marvel franchise is an event that is much anticipated for all fans of Marvel Comics and of this particular character. Of course, recent years have seen a number of appearances by Captain America in films, as well as in other areas like the Marvel online slots at Ladbrokes, making it useful to have a guide summarizing these and what happened in them.

Captain America: the First Avenger

This told the origin story for the character, which can be traced back to World War Two. The film begins in 1942, with Steve Rogers attempting to enlist for military service, only to suffer his fifth rejection due to his small stature and underweight physique. However, his patriotism is noted by Dr Abraham Erskine who recruits him to take part in a medical experiment to create a ‘super-soldier’. This results in him developing superhuman strength, but he is used solely for promotional purposes – frustrating him – until he convinces SSR Officer Peggy Carter to let him lead a mission behind enemy lines to rescue his captured friend James Barnes. This mission proves a success, but the evil Skull escapes. Captain America then puts together a team to destroy his bases, kill The Skull and capture the Tesseract weapon. He succeeds but has to fly his plane into the ocean to avoid it reaching the US. The film ends with Rogers waking in a hospital bed and discovering, via Nick Fury of SHIELD, that he has slept for 70 years.

The Avengers

This film picks up where the First Avenger left off for Captain America, with SHIELD chief Nick Fury having recruited him to his Avengers team of superheroes. He is still in mourning for Peggy Carter, but puts this aside to join the fight against Thor’s adopted brother Loki – who has stolen the Tesseract and plans to hand it to the Chitauri in exchange for an army that will let him rule the earth. Captain America struggles to cope with his loneliness while also clashing with Iron Man, but is motivated by Loki murdering Agent Coulson to work with the others to stop Loki and the invading Chitauri, playing a key role in the final battle in Manhattan.

Captain America: the Winter Soldier

This film takes place two years later and sees Rogers employed by SHIELD, only for an attack on Nick Fury by the Winter Soldier to reveal that SHIELD has been compromised. Fury appears to have been killed but has given Rogers data concerning Project Insight, aimed at the advance destruction of threats. Rogers is uncomfortable with this strategy, putting him into conflict with both Fury and SHIELD director Alexander Pierce. Rogers subsequently discovers that the evil Hydra is operating within SHIELD and that the Winter Soldier is his old friend Barnes, forcing him to question his allegiances.

With the last Captain America film having left his story at a fascinating point, the reader is now up to date on where Captain America: Civil War will begin from.

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