Cemetery Dance Announces The Joe Hill Special Issue # 74/75


Cemetery Dance is very excited to make what might be the biggest announcement in the history of the magazine: Cemetery Dance #74/75: The Joe Hill Special Issue!

This 200+ page special issue not only features an original, never-before-published 30,000 word novella by Joe Hill, but the issue grew so large that CD had to publish it as their first ever oversized trade paperback version of the magazine!

In addition to the brand new Joe Hill novella, there is also “How We Got Out of the Furnace” — a modified excerpt from The Fireman — a new interview with Joe, essays about his work from those who know him best, and much much more!

Plus, of course, a great mix of our usual suspects and other incredible horror fiction and non-fiction!

For the collectors out there, there is also an extremely affordable Limited Edition hardcover of the issue, which will feature a full-color reproduction of the magazine’s front cover right on the binding, beautiful special endpapers, and each copy will be signed by the editor on a unique Limitation Sheet featuring gorgeous color artwork created just for this special edition!

You can choose the trade edition for $14.95 or the signed limited hardcover edition for $60. More info HERE.

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