Stephen King’s The Green Mile Is Being Republished In Digital, Serialized Form


Back in Charles Dickens’ day, novels were released like traditional TV shows: one chapter at a time. That serialized format went out of style for novels, but 20 years ago Stephen King revived it for his project The Green Mile. The book, which focuses on the magical powers of death row inmate John Coffey, was divided into six volumes and released one per month throughout 1996. The disparate parts have since been collected into a whole novel (adapted into a film starring Tom Hanks in 1999), but in celebration of The Green Mile’s 20th anniversary, Scribner is republishing the book, now in digital form but released in its original serialized format.

The first volume, The Two Dead Girls, is available now. The Mouse on the Mile will follow April 26, then Coffey’s Hands on May 10, The Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix on May 24, Night Journey on June 7, and Coffey on the Mile June 21. Check out the exclusive covers of the new digital editions.

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