Tom Whalen Announces Bright Ideas Co. – An Art Project With His Son, Daschel


A few weeks ago, Tom Whalen’s wife suggested that they keep their seven-year-old son, Daschel, home from school for “National Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day”. The artist loved the idea, giving his son a glimpse into his day. The agenda included running a small sale on Tom’s site, packing orders together and messing around in Adobe illustrator a bit.

As plans progressed the real idea hit; why not let his son’s newfound love of drawing superheroes shine? Here was the pitch:

“Create sketch cards of ten of your favorite superheroes on 4″x4″ bristol cards. I’ll follow your lead by creating cards of the same heroes and we’ll sell them as sets on my site during TODASTW day. we’ll pack and ship whatever we sell, split the profits (after taxes… another learning opportunity!) and learn how to save a portion of the money.”


Ten card sets went on sale this morning and immediately sold out! You can take a look at all of their wonderful creations below. Congratulations Tom and Daschel on a super fun father son bonding experience, a lesson in the business of creating and selling art and learning about taxes and saving money. Let’s hope this is the first of many project to come from Bright Ideas Co.!

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