Hero Complex Gallery Announces Cardistry Art Exhibition Opening On May 6, 2016


More than a year in the making, Hero Complex Gallery is pleased to announce their next show, Cardistry: 55 Artistic Interpretations of Playing Cards, which opens Friday, May 6th, from 7-10PM.

What is the show about?

HCG created a custom premium art card deck of 52 full-color original artwork cards, plus 2 Jokers and card back by today’s top artists!

What is the theme?

A wonderful mix of pop and non-pop artwork…the gallery asked the artists to run wild with their inspirations!

What will be on display?

– Original full-size artwork, both prints and original artwork,most with and without card numbers and indices, so you can enjoy them whichever way you prefer.

– One full custom premium ‘Cardistry’ deck of 52 full-color cards, plus 2 Jokers, and face card designed by Tyler Hays.

– Uncut sheets of the entire deck together

– Custom Premium Companion Book


Anything else?

Yes…Hero Complex Gallery will also be holding their first annual Texas Hold Em Charity Tournament on Saturday May 7th. Please email the gallery for additional details or to join the tournament.

Hero Complex Gallery
2020 South Robertson Blvd., Studio D
Los Angeles, CA

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