10 Star Wars Toys You Might Own That Are Now Worth A Fortune

When it comes to movie-themed toy tie-ins, no film will ever compare to Star Wars. In the nearly four decades since the first film hit theaters, almost every character, vehicle, and location from the franchise has been made into a figure or playset, and kid and adult fans alike purchased—and continue to buy—as many as they could afford.

Mental Floss decided to take a look at some of the figures that you may have owned that are now worth a fortune. To do so, they enlisted the help of the man who literally wrote the book on the subject: Mark Bellomo, toy expert and author of The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Star Wars Action Figures 1977-1985.

Check out the list HERE and start scouring your parent’s attics and basements!

One example from the list is the 1979 Kenner Millennium Falcon Spaceship



Original Retail Price: $29.99
Current Price Range: $2800-$3200 (mint in sealed box)

Pieces on pieces on pieces! This playset had a number of removable components, including weapons, a cockpit canopy windshield, a game table, landing gear, a secret compartment, and a lightsaber training set like the one Luke uses in the film. Finding all the pieces together is rare, but some sellers do offer accessories on their own. “With most ’80s toys that possess a bevy of difficult-to-find accessories, more money can be made sometimes selling the toys piecemeal,” Bellomo says. “With some vintage toys, an accessory or accoutrement may be worth more money than the entire shell/hull of the vehicle.”

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