Girl Scouts Unveil 2 New S’mores-Inspired Cookies


Want s’more Girl Scout cookie flavors? Today is National S’mores Day and the Girl Scouts are introducing two new s’mores-inspired cookies to the mix.

First up is a chocolate-coated version, made of a crispy graham cookie dipped in crème icing and dunked in chocolate. It’s also vegan.



The second is a sandwich-style cookie made of two crunchy graham cookies with a chocolate and marshmallowly filling.



Both versions of the ooey-gooey campfire favorite are coming in 2017.

The new cookies are a nod to “the adventurous spirit, love of the outdoors, and feeling of community synonymous with Girl Scouts,” Sylvia Acevedo, interim CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA, said in a press release.

The campfire tradition of making s’mores was popularized by Girl Scouts as early as the 1920s, according to the organization. One of the first published recipes for s’mores was in a 1925 issue of Girl Scout Leader magazine under the name “Some More.”

The cookies are the first new addition to the Girl Scout cookie lineup since 2015 when Rah-Rah Raisins and two gluten-free cookies, Toffee-tastic and Trios, were unveiled.

The Girl Scouts announced the new flavors today on “Good Morning America” as the organization approaches the 100th anniversary of the first-known sale of Girl Scouts cookies.

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