Storytime – A Little Art Book By Joey Spiotto


In 2014, Joey Spiotto had his first solo art exhibit at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, CA. The concept was simple, he took some of his favorite Movies, Music, TV Shows, and Video Games and turned them into covers of children’s books. The show was a huge success and the response to the work was overwhelming. “Storytime” reached the front page of Reddit, was featured on sites such as Buzzfeed, Nerdist, Slashfilm, io9, FunnyOrDie, and was even covered by Reading Rainbow. It has been pinned, reblogged, tumblr’d, tweeted, and liked hundreds of thousands of times over.

In 2015 Spiotto followed up the successful first show with “Storytime 2”. Once again, the response was overwhelmingly positive. The artist has continued the art series beyond the gallery, debuting new prints at various conventions across the United States. One of the things Joey continually heard from fans at conventions is that they wished that a book collecting the entire series was available.

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Wait no longer and behold Joey’s KickStarter project to create Storytime – A Little Art Book!

This project is to fund a full-color 136 page book collecting every print from the “Storytime” series that was first started in 2013. Joey needs our help to make this happen. Each page will feature full color artwork, and bring all of the artwork from this series together for the first time in one collection.

Check out the different pledge and reward opportunites HERE.


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