Netflix Renews Stranger Things For Season 2


To announce the series Stranger Things return, Netflix on Wednesday released a new version of the show’s famous title sequence featuring what appear to be the titles of nine new episodes. Additional text reads, “In the fall of 1984, the adventure continues.”

Creators the Duffer Brothers will return to the series, as will EPs Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen. Entertainment Weekly talked to the Duffers about Stranger Things 2 details, and they were clearly thrilled to get to do a sequel — the pair were just about to deliver the first episode script to Netflix.

“We’re really excited about continuing the story,” says Matt Duffer. “There’s a comfort factor in that we know people love and have responded to this world and these characters. As much as possible, we’re trying to approach it the same as season 1, which is to write stuff that we’re excited about and we think is cool. The hope is that it translates to the fans and that people fall in love with it again.”

Adds Ross: “Just like we treated the first season like a big movie, we wanna treat this like a big movie as well and we don’t wanna coast on these characters. We’re trying to swing for the fences on this one.”

Expect to see the return of Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Joyce (Winona Ryder), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), etc. “We don’t know about Eleven,” says Ross Duffer. “We leave that up in the air.”

The Duffers also revealed there are four new characters popping up in season 2. “There’s going to be a lot of new and interesting dynamics that we didn’t see in season 1,” says Matt Duffer. There are nine titles in the recently released teaser, including one called “The Lost Brother.” Could that be one of the new characters?

Look for the series to return in 2017. To read more details about season two, click HERE.

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